1. istilllovehearingeveryrhyme:



    This shit is the realest. Not even Pac could of said it better.

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  2. nostalgiaultra:

    *DJs at your wedding*

    *plays only power metal and refuses to break eye contact with your father*

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  3. A Latino goes to buy a soda for 75 cents, he puts in 65


    The machine reads “dime,” so he gets closer & whispers “quiero pepsi.”

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  4. penny-formythoughts:

    You say it, and I’ll bring it. You move it, and I’ll go with the flow. But now you wanna move along. You got me dazed holding on. Am I gonna make it? 

    You’re pushing me away

    Turnstile- Pushing Me Away

    Step 2 Rhythm(2013) 

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  6. moviesludge:

    you have the right to remain clotheslined

  7. xourloveisrealx:

    Spirit week at school. It was “Jersey Day” so naturally I wore this. #trusoldier #makeemsayugh


  8. Here is a list of things a baby can’t do in a zombie apocalypse:

    • Farm
    • Kill zombies
    • make rational choices
    • protect the group
    • walk
    • be quiet
    • defend itself
    • wield a weapon
    • operate a vehicle
    • build a tent
    • talk about escape strategy
    • tie a knot
    • sail
    • communicate on a radio
    • hunt
    • climb
    • pick a lock
    • kick down a door
    • make a fire
    • first aid
    • perform martial arts
    • navigate
    • chop wood
    • build anything
    • knit a sweater
    • be useful

    Someone please tell me why that baby is still on the Walking Dead.

  10. fancypancakes:

    you cant come back from that

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